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Country: Brazil

Language: englanti

Place: Rio

Olympic Games 2016 - Gymnastics

Learn to pronounce the names of gymnasts at the Olympic Games 2016.

Can you pronounce the names of the gymnasts taking part in the Olympic Games? Help is at hand with Forvo's pronunciation guide to the 2016 Summer Olympics.

We've got the names of gymnasts from many of the participating countries, such as host nation Brazil, Italy, Russia, German and more.

Use our guide to help resolve any doubts you may have about the pronunciation of these participants.

The Olympic Games are the world's leading international sporting event in which athletes from more than 200 countries take part. The 31st edition of this competition will be held from August 5 to August 21.

Photo: DSC04502 via photopin (license)

Brazilian gymnasts

Learn to pronounce the names of Brazilian gymnasts at the Olympic Games 2016.